About Us

After having been involved in the real estate acquisition market for the past 10 years, Jumeirah Development BV has decided to enter the St. Maarten property development market to make a difference. 

For this project we have collaborated with St. Maarten’s well known ARKA, headed by Ms. Miti Katz. Our goal is to bring the exact standards of design and creativity, that ARKA is known for, into every home that we develop. ARKA was founded in 2003, and has a proven track record in the fields of architecture, design, construction and real estate development. Their recent projects include Las Brisas Residence & Marina, Acqua Residence, Simpson Bay Yacht Club and the well-known Puerta del Sol on the Welfare Road.

We want our residents to escape to a new haven, where cutting-edge design, modern splendor with breathtaking views, will set the stage for an exclusive lifestyle with extraordinary experiences.